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The Chef Jean Claude Voisin

cooking lessons about truffes from Lalbenque

Quercy lamb

Jean Claude Voisin,of the Hotel Restaurant Le Vinois knows how to share his passion for culinary creativity.

Regular cooking courses and classes at all levels are organised for lovers of good food .
Professional technique mixed with flair is followed by a tasting of your work.

Découpe d'une truffe de Lalbenque


Learn by experience the delights of exceptional cuisine from a Chef who knows how to combine originality and local produce with perfect harmony.

Duck foie gras
Caramelized ravioles with crème brulée

Cooking course (half day) and gastonomic meal :95€ per person.
(Possibility of specialised winter truffle courses)

Please ask for details : : 05 65 30 53 60


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